The 2nd International Forum on Commercializing Global Green is more than just a meeting.

  It is part of an on-going relationship between SCD-iBIO and the Industrial Biotechnology community.


This year's Forum will investigate several key markets that Industrial Biotechnology(iBIO) is impacting today.  These include:  Automotive, Advanced Biofuels, Personal Care and Cleaning, Packaging, Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings.  Additionally, the Forum will ptovide opportunitiies to learn about and discuss key issues facing the industry resulting from the effect of shale gas, the importance of water, and of course the penetration of industrial biotechnology into the chemical, polymer and fuel industries.

 Since iBIO is a relatively new industry in which standards and definitions are often not consistently applied or used, SCD-iBIO will provide opportunities for Forum delegates to be actively engaged in helping to address the confusion in the iBIO industry about terms, standards, and test methods.  The Pre-Forum Workshop, open to all delegates, offers an in-depth view focused on addressing key policy, legislative and regulatory issues surrounding the commercialization of bio-based and renewable products. 

What is different about SCD-iBIO and its Forums?

          • You will have the opportunity to discuss the best 
                                      practices of commercial and market development in an 
                                      on-going fashion through on-line groups after the Forum.
          • You will network in an open forum, where members
                                      can communicate before, during and after the meetings.
          • You will gain perspective on the full spectrum of raw 
                                      materials from utilizing agricultural products, natural gas,
                                      coal, and petroleum, to reclaiming municipal refuse and 
                                      solid wastes.
          • You will experience opportunities to network with

                                      companies along the entire value chain so that a 
                                      common understanding of market needs can take root.


Who should attend and what will they get from the Forum?


The traditional chemical, polymer and fuel companies

We are addressing the three key issues that face these industries today – shale gas impact, the importance of water in plant site choice, and the impact of biotechnology.  For companies with significant business in any of the market segment we are addressing, they can see how specifically industrial biotechnology is gaining ground on conventional science and technology.  With our participative open forum individuals can express their opinions, participate actively in discussion and engage our speakers and panel members.  Most importantly, there will be ample time to engage in networking activities that can address specific needs face to face with all attendees.


Industrial biotechnology companies or companies with bio-based products

Learn about the regulatory atmosphere surrounding the industry and how to jump the hurdles so you do not get caught up in red tape. Have the opportunity to discuss specific markets and how your products could penetrate these market segments more effectively. Network and make key contacts that could advance your company’s commercialization efforts.  Find out if shale gas is a friend or a foe to you and what you might do to deal with this new game changing reality.


Other interested parties

Update your knowledge, network with key people, and enjoy the meeting. Become active and rejuvenate you participation in these industries.


Come and join our organization. Get in on the fun and feel apart of something that is dynamic and high growth.  Participate in our committees and advance your careers.


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